9 Things You Cannot Forget at a Wedding Fayre

3rd February 2019Weddings

What are the nine things you cannot forget at a wedding fayre? Visiting a wedding fayre may very well be one of the most exciting, awe-inspiring things you’ll do between the proposal and the wedding day. It’s a day that you’ll probably think back to because many of the things that come together on your wedding day will have been borne from the inspiration you gained at a wedding fayre.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the day, do your research, collect lots of information and talk to the people around you.

Do not forget…

1. To take your best friends

You might ask yourself who you should take to a wedding fayre and many people who have been there as the bride-to-be would recommend taking those who know you better than you do. Your best friends aren’t just there to make the whole day a lot more fun, they’re there to help you make good decisions and they’ll even tell you what to wear at a wedding fayre (because you may be trying on a dress at some point during the day).

When you arrive at a wedding fayre, you may want to delegate things to the people you bring with you and then talk about what you’ve seen over a spot of lunch or coffee. That’s a great way to have people involved in the planning without giving away the responsibility of decision making.

Making a day out of the wedding fayre is becoming more and more common and many wedding fayre venues have restaurants, coffee shops and places to sit down and relax.

2. To bring the people helping fund it

Good wedding planning requires good financial planning. It’s common for weddings to be a joint venture between several parties such as the parents of the bride and groom and other relatives. Bringing the people who need to look at the wedding from a practical point of view can be a great way to ensure you stay on track for making things a reality.

This is good advice if you know the people helping you pay for your wedding but certainly not if you’re crowdfunding it..yes, people do this: https://www.theknot.com/content/crowdfunding-weddings-okay-or-not-okay

But seriously, it’s very easy to allow a wedding to grow in scope when you see all of the wonderful things available at a fayre.

3. Your plans and expectations

At a wedding fayre, you’ll find yourself in the midst of many new ideas that you didn’t consider yourself just because you didn’t know they were there. That means the ice sculpture of a dolphin perhaps isn’t the right thing to commit to even if it does look amazing at the venue.

Bringing a written timeline of your wedding planning can be really useful in understanding how much time you have before you have to make a decision on certain purchases as some things need to be ordered a long time before the wedding day to ensure on-time delivery.

You may also want to bring examples of things you already have such as invitations that allow you to colour match and ensure the styles fit with something you see at the wedding fayre. It’s much easier to have a discussion with a supplier when you can be specific about your requirements. Details can then be considered ensuring you don’t set your heart on something you can’t have for whatever practical reason.

4. Comfortable shoes

You’ll be on your feet all day and there will be a lot of walking around. There’s nothing stopping you bringing a change of shoes if you’re interested in trying on dresses when you’re there. A small bag will be fine or you could just leave them in the car until you need them, but you’ll certainly be glad you chose those flats when you left the house.

5. Your contact details for suppliers

Ah, of course they’ll have a pen. Yes, they will, but after giving out all of your details including your address for the seventeenth time in an hour, you’ll wish you had a simpler way of giving people your information. Why not consider writing down your details on paper before you leave and arm yourself some DIY business cards with your name and email address that you can just hand to suppliers when you’re happy to share your details. This will save a lot of time and avoid mistakes being made that lose you that valuable information.

6. Your fully charged phone

You’ll be collecting a lot of information throughout the day and whilst there will be brochures and leaflets you can pick up, you may have an in-depth conversation with some suppliers who will share specific details or give you further information about complimentary services you may want to look into in the future. Your phone will be all you need to write down this information so make sure you turn up fully charged.

If you keep your calendar and diary on your phone, that’s another reason to have it available throughout the day.

7. The handouts and free things

Wedding fayre freebies that are given out are great opportunities to take information away with you so you can have a good think in your own time afterwards. The companies that come to wedding fayres want your day to be perfect too and they want you to choose the right options for you.

They’re also sometimes very delicious as you find yourself lucky enough to stumble across chocolates, sweets and more common recently, cheese.

8. The fact that you’ll be emotional

It’s an emotional day. It’s planning for one of the most memorable days of your life and the thought of it not being perfect can put a lot of pressure on you. Emotions will run high and you’ll have conflicting thoughts throughout the day. As long as you acknowledge this, you’ll make good decisions.

According to https://www.hitched.co.uk/, there are 39 emotional stages you go through when planning a wedding. So it’s certainly worth acknowledging this when you’re at the wedding fayre.

9. The groom

Perhaps you don’t want him to arrive by helicopter and maybe you can’t foresee yourself spending your life with somebody who thought purple was a great colour for his suit, but nonetheless, it’s important that both the bride and groom are aware of everything that goes into the special day.

Yes, there are TV shows that put all of the emphasis on the groom to plan the wedding and there’s a lot of humour in the decisions that are made, but the only real way to plan a successful wedding is to ensure both of you are involved.