Top Tips For a Spring Wedding

16th October 2018Weddings

Spring remains one of the most beautiful times of the year to have your wedding. Not as hot as summer, certainly not as cold as the winter and every bit as pretty as the autumn, it’s the season during which you’re (almost) guaranteed a perfect big day.

However, just like any wedding, planning a spring wedding isn’t easy – unless you know the tricks of the trade. And, luckily for you, we do!
In this blog post, we’re going to list the most important tips for arranging a spring wedding that will make the very most of your big day during this wonderful time of the year.

Be prepared for rubbish weather

Ok, so we might have got your hopes up during the first paragraph and we’d forgive you for assuming you should expect great weather if you book your wedding in the spring. Unfortunately – and as you’ll know all too well if you’re a UK resident – that isn’t really the case. Chances are, Mother Nature will smile down on you on your big day, but it’s always best to prepare for the worst.

Make sure you’re ready if showers make an appearance, and don’t assume the temperature will be approaching summer heights; you may still need to wrap up warm.
Go topless with the transport

Dry skies permitting, the idea of arriving in a soft top vintage or sports car at your wedding as the bride (or groom!) is a dream for many, and spring offers the perfect excuse to indulge
in this form of transport.

Better still, why not go for a horse and carriage? During the spring, you can pretty much go for any wedding transport you’ve dreamed of previously!
Spring flower table decorations

To really bring your spring wedding alive, it’s a great idea to decorate the tables with spring flowers, polished metal and clear glass. This subtle, classic look will work perfectly during spring time, and the foliage will be a constant reminder of how lovely it (hopefully) is outside.

Colourful food

Food plays such an important role at weddings, and if you choose to have yours in the spring, you’ve got a wealth of options to pick from. Chiefly, you can focus on beautiful, colourful food that reflects the amazing colours generated by spring. Fresh fish, strawberries and cream and lighter garden greens are perfect spring wedding culinary delights that will look the part and taste delicious.

You can do the same with the drinks. Even though it won’t quite be summer just yet, why not go wild with cocktails and mocktails that feature the colours of spring? A chat with the bar manager at your venue will reveal just how creative you can get, beverage-wise.

Golden hour photography

One of the best and most underrated things about springtime weddings is the light on offer for photographers.


They’ll of course know all about the golden hour, but if you don’t, it’s actually the most beautiful time of the day to get those all-important wedding photos taken. The golden hour takes place an hour before sunset and offers photographers the soft, warm light they crave to get the best shots. What’s more, this time of the day arrives conveniently during the spring; it isn’t too late or too early and the photography sessions can therefore be timed perfectly not to clash with any of the other festivities. You photographer should be more than adept at choosing the best location, but given that you’ve decided to get married in the spring, a nearby field in full bloom or the gardens of
your venue should provide the perfect backdrop for photos you’ll cherish.

The Stationery

Often one of the hardest and most arduous things to get right and arrange for a wedding, the stationery is sometimes put to the bottom of the list. However, if you’re booking your wedding in the spring, we’ve got some good news: you’ve got loads of choice and inspiration when it comes to wedding stationery! This includes your wedding theme (floral is a great choice for spring), the invites (get creative with the colours of the season), table plan (ditto) and the more mundane things like the photography list (so guests know where they need to be come that time).

A great photographer

We’ve spoken a fair bit about photography in this post, but that’s because we believe spring offers the best opportunity for stunning wedding photography.


Put simply, it’s too good an opportunity to miss out on! For that reason, it pays to spend as much as you can on a photographer. While you might have friends chomping at the bit to do some snapping during the big day (they’ll do this regardless, after all), diverting a good chunk of your budget to a pro will pay dividends. Spring undoubtedly offers some stunning options for shots (see ‘golden hour photography’ above), but it’s also challenging, with harsh afternoon light playing havoc with lenses and sensors. That is, unless you know what you’re doing! Staging group shots is also hard work unless you’re an experienced photographer, and, similarly, capturing the more subtle moments that often turn into the most memorable photos is only really possible if you’ve spent a significant amount of time behind the lens.

The venue

You can’t really have a great wedding without a great venue, can you?


And that’s why we’ve left this last tip until last. The choice here will very much be up to you. Whether you want a small affair in a local village hall or a more lavish spectacle in a large hotel, choosing the right venue for you spring wedding won’t be easy, but you’ll know when you’ve found it. Just think about the photo opportunities and the scope offered by the venue for outdoor entertainment if the weather does its job for you. It should also be suitably warm enough to go for a marquee if you feel that way inclined.

That’s it (sort of!)

We’re under no illusion; the above isn’t an exhaustive wedding planning list, but it will get you started and ensure your spring wedding planning doesn’t miss any of the essentials. Happy planning!