Our History

The Grade II listed Park Hall Hotel & Spa is one of the most prestigious hotels located in Wolverhampton.

The Hotel is built in the style of Indigo Jones; the first architect to employ Vitruvian rules of proportion and symmetry in his buildings. Originally the mansion was the residence of the Honourable John Ward; Great Grandson the first Lord Ward who became the sixth Baron Ward on October 21st, 1757.

This accession to the peerage necessitated Baron Ward to leave Sedgley Park, offering the opportunity to rent the building and land for a school. Therefore in 1761 the mansion was passed to Bishop Challoner and became the home of the first post-Reformation English Catholic boarding-school for the education of boys whose parents were ‘in more confined circumstances’; Sedgley Park Catholic Boys school. The school prospered and became the chief nursery of the Catholic clergy, the place of education for thousands of Catholics which flourished, on the same spot, for almost a century.

In 1947 the then Sedgley Park Manor reverted back to its original use as a family home and became the residence of William Humble David Ward; the 4th Earl of Dudley. The Mansion remained as a private residence for over 50 years until being converted to an hotel by the Grigg and Brettell Brewery in 1981.

In 2011 the Ramada Hall Hotel and Spa was established by its new owners and has benefitted from an investment of over £1.2m to upgrade and refurbish this wonderful building to a contemporary and stylish Hotel, whilst ensuring it retains the comfort and splendour of a former Noble Mansion.

Indeed today The Ramada Hall Hotel and Spa still retains many of its original features. The tree lined drive and front boundary of the building is now a large car park for both guests and restaurant visitors. This is enhanced by a beautiful Rococo style fountain which sits in the foreground of the Hotel. The wing to the left of the Hotel, previously the original chapel, is now the site of Anju’s restaurant and the wing to the right is now the Ballroom a, beautiful crystal chandeliered room which can house up to 550 guests for weddings and other celebrations.