Why it’s a great idea to have an autumn wedding

10th August 2018Weddings

Hands up if you’ve been a guest at a hot, sweaty wedding during this summer heatwave?

There’s no getting away from the fact that summer weddings are magical – particularly when the weather is as good as it has been in the UK during 2018. But do you have to get married at this time of the year?

Of course not! In fact, if you’re planning on getting married, why not go against the grain and choose a different time of they year?

Autumn is fast becoming one of the most popular wedding seasons, and the reasons why are endless. Booking an autumn wedding in West Midlands hotels is a very smart idea indeed.

However, you might need a little more convincing, which is why we thought we’d list the key reasons it’s a great idea to have an autumn wedding, and offer some insight into how you can plan the perfect day at this stunning time of the year.

“Why an autumn wedding?” we hear you ask. Here’s a few reasons:

The weather

Let’s start with the obvious – the weather.


No matter what time of the year you choose to get married in the UK, you’ll be taking a risk with the weather. Even during a summer heatwave, you might be unlucky enough to pick the one day when the heavens open.

So, why pick Autumn instead? For a start, you probably won’t have to worry about an unexpected heatwave sweating out the guests, but it still won’t be too cold to spend some time outdoors for photos and canapés, either.

Autumn weather isn’t any more predictable than summer or winter, but it usually sets the temperature pretty much perfectly for weddings.

The best light

Ask any photographer which time of the year they prefer for wedding images, and they’ll probably say autumn.

There’s a period called the ‘golden hour’ which exists – you guessed it – an hour before sunset, and it’s when natural light is at it’s softest and most golden if the sun is out. That hour takes place much later during the summer and earlier come winter, but the timing is almost perfect in the Autumn.

It’s why so many stock wedding photographs have that ‘autumn glow’ to them, and because these images are ones you’ll want to treasure for the rest of your life, why not pick the time of the year that’s likely to give you the best possible setting?

The backdrop

While we’re on the subject of photographs, there’s no backdrop quite like that of an autumn scene. Autumnal colours are popular in all walks of life, and they can add magic and romance to any wedding.

The changing of the leaves and abundance of yellows and reds everywhere you look makes for the perfect wedding scene, no matter where you’re staging your big day.

Fewer people are on holiday

The wedding guest list is one of the hardest things to get right, but it’s made all the more difficult when certain guests can’t make it due to pre-planned holidays.

Couple holding hands while walking in park during autumn

Go for a summer wedding, and you’ll probably find that several key people simply can’t make it. The autumn is far more likely to result in less negative RSVPs, because most people will have had their summer holiday and be ready to settle in for the rest of the year.

What’s more, the long, hot summer will provide the perfect conversation buzz between guests as they all catch-up on their holiday movements and break the ice.


Why have an autumn wedding? Along with beautiful autumnal colours comes some stunning flower options for weddings.

You’ll have more to choose from at this time of the year, from rustic oranges, reds and purples to deep plums and burgundies. You can add some additional interest too, with seasonal foliage, berries and seed heads.

When it comes to gorgeous flowers and captivating textures for a wedding venue, Autumn takes some beating.

No wardrobe headaches for you or the guests

What do you wear for a wedding when it’s boiling hot outside? Or, if you’re due to get married in January, how will you keep warm when it’s time to go outside for the photos?

How to dress for an autumn wedding is one of the simplest questions to answer!

Because autumn weather is relatively consistent in terms of temperature, you won’t be as restricted with outfits for the bridal party or groom. What’s more, guests can rest safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to bring a change of clothes to free themselves of their sweaty daywear, or numerous hats, coats and scarves to keep themselves free from frostbite.

Lower cost

Although not guaranteed, you might find that certain wedding suppliers will lower their prices a little if you decide to have an autumn wedding in UK. From photographers to suppliers of autumn wedding table decorations, you should have the pick of the bunch.

This is still an up-and-coming season for weddings, therefore if you jump in early and be one of the early adopters, you might just save a penny or two on key elements for your wedding due to suppliers considering it ‘off peak’.

How to plan an autumn wedding


Now we’ve hopefully convinced you that an autumn wedding is an awesome idea, here’s some quick-fire tips for planning the perfect big day:

1) Flowers. Go for burnt oranges, deep reds, and add in some acorns, chestnuts and wildflowers. Florists should be able to help you with the perfect autumn arrangement.
2) Food. Hearty food is usually the menu to go for at this time of the year, but it’s still pleasant enough outside to have a hog roast or BBQ if you fancy something a little more rustic.
3) Dress. There’s loads of choices for autumn wedding dresses, from classic turtle necks to cut-outs, but remember that you probably won’t need too much wrapping up due to the relatively mild weather. Autumn wedding bridesmaids dresses can follow a similar theme.
4) Groom outfit. Three piece suits made from wool or tweed are a great option for autumn, but the colours are down to you (you can’t really go wrong)!
5) Weather. Although you’ll probably be ok temperature-wise, still plan for the worst – i.e. rain!
6) Colour scheme. This is where you can tap into all that lovely autumn colour palette to really make your wedding venue come alive. Soft blushes and nudes for autumn wedding decorations against warm, classic autumn colours will work a treat.

Who says you have to get married in the summer or that winter weddings are the most romantic? Get planning your autumn wedding today and create a day you’ll never forget at the West Midlands’ most beautiful wedding venue!