Summer weddings: 8 reasons it’s best to tie the knot during the summer

16th April 2018Weddings

With the summer finally approaching, you probably have a wedding or two to attend.

You may also be planning your own wedding, and if you’re wondering whether or not you too should opt for one during the summer months, here’s ten reasons it might be the best decision you make:

1. The days are long (and, usually, warm)

You have a lot to pack into a wedding day, and if the day is short, you’ll miss the best light for those all important photos.

Equally, there’s nothing worse than shivering guests, and at least they’ll be able to stay out longer partying if the day stays warm long into the night.

2. More people can probably attend

Pick the right date during the summer, and you should be able to avoid losing too many people from the guest list.

Weddings that are held during school terms or when people are particularly busy at work can be troublesome for the people you invite, which is why most prefer to attend a summer wedding.

3. You can host it outside (if you’re feeling brave)

Although the British weather isn’t what you’d call predictable, you do at least have a greater chance of staging your big day outdoors if you hold it during the summer.

That opens up a wealth of options, including marquees or ceremonies that take place without any cover whatsoever, and the results can be far more romantic than being cooped up in a registry office.

4. You’ll get a better selection of flowers


This one is pretty simple; if you hold your wedding during the summer months (i.e. between June and August), you’ll get your pick of the best flowers.

5. Brides have a wider choice of dress options

Get married in the winter and the wedding dress choice will need to take into account lower temperatures.

Get married in the summer, and you don’t need to worry about this at all. A dress without sleeves or straps, and no need for emergency coats or scarves suddenly become real options.

6. You’re blessed with colour

Summer is full of beautiful colours, which makes your choice of flowers and decorations eminently easier.


Whether you hold your summer wedding indoors or outdoors, the abundance of colour will make for a bright, cheerful backdrop.

7. You’ll have plenty of time to plan

Before summer comes long winter months, when you’ll be stuck inside during the evening with little more to do than plan your wedding.

With no summer sun to tempt you outside, that means you’ll have a boat load of time to plan the perfect summer wedding.

8. Home honeymoons become an option

Sure, there’s nothing better than the thought of flying off to a far-flung honeymoon destination, but if you fancy something closer to your doorstep, a summer wedding opens up the possibility of taking yours in the UK.

This can save big time on the overall cost of the wedding, and with so many wonderful, romantic places to explore in this country, why not?

Wrapping up

Have we convinced you to have your wedding during the summer? If you’ve enjoyed reading the reasons above, it could be the perfect season to tie the knot!