10 reasons to book a UK hotel staycation this summer

25th May 2018General News

So, you’ve had enough. Work is manic; life is just non-stop; it feels like forever since you last properly put your feet up.

Clearly, you need to book a holiday!

But where to stay? At this point, you might be inclined to reach for your iPad, head to your favourite travel price comparison website and find a week or two’s break in a far-flung country.

But what about the UK? Why not look a little closer to home than something that requires flights, passports and the frustration of baggage reclaim?

According to reports, British holidaymakers are increasingly opting to take vacations within their own country. The rise of the staycation is happening for a reason, but if you’re still unsure about taking your holiday in these isles, here’s ten reasons it could be the best holidaying decision you make this year:

1. Traveling is so much easier

When holidaying in the UK as a UK resident, you need only one method of transport: your car.

Take a holiday abroad, and you’ll need your car to get to the airport, airport parking, a transfer bus to the airport, a flight (sometimes a long flight), and public transport (or a hire car) to your eventual destination.

Feel tired just reading that? So do we. But you won’t, if you take a staycation.

2. No need to learn a new language

There’s nothing quite like expanding your horizons and learning a new language, and, if truth be told, learning a bit of the local lingo is certainly courteous.

But you may not have the time to do that, or feel comfortable enough practising your new linguistic skills for real. And, if that’s the case, a UK staycation will remove any worries you might have about having to learn a new language.

3. No jetlag!

What’s the worst thing about a long haul flight? Jet lag!

No matter how fantastic the place might be you’re visiting, if you’re looking for real relaxation and maximising your time while on holiday, dealing with chronic jet lag removes a significant amount of fun from each day until it dissipates.

If you’re simply travelling a few hundred miles along a motorway in the same country, there’s no such thing as jet lag. And that’s a very good thing indeed.

4. You’re supporting the economy

The UK economy is still in recovery mode, and by holidaying in this country, you’re supporting the countless hospitality businesses that rely on income generated by holidaymakers.


The hotel you stay at, restaurants you eat in, pubs in which you drink and the shops you visit all need your support, and what better way to offer it than by spending your holiday in the UK?

5. The whole family will love it

Holidays are a time for all, and whether you’re bringing your kids, grandparents or perhaps a much wider group of family members, the UK will offer something for them all.

Finding a hotel and bunch of activities to suit the whole groups is so easy, thanks to the UK’s versatility as a holiday hotspot.

6. The dog can come, too!

No one takes their dogs on foreign holidays, which means the poor pooch ends up either in kennels or with relatives.

And why should they miss out on the fun? Dogs are, after all, a part of the family, and if you decide to take a family holiday this summer, choosing the UK as your destination will mean your four-legged companion can join you.

7. You can make it a quick break, if desired

As we established at the start of this post, life in the modern world is incredibly busy, and if you can only fit in a few days’ holiday each year in one go, the UK probably offers the best option.

What’s more, you can do this several times throughout the year in order to stretch your holiday entitlement cost-effectively, and without having to book lots of flights to foreign destinations.

There’s nothing wrong with holidaying in chunks if the UK is your destination of choice.

8. The weather needn’t be an issue

Ok, so at this stage you’re probably wondering how you can make a UK holiday a fantastic time to remember if you only have the British weather to rely on.

The answer is simple: you don’t need perfect weather to have a great time. If Mother Nature decides to open the heavens during your UK holiday, you can head indoors to one of the many indoor activities designed for the whole family.

Or there’s always the pub, of course!

9. Travelling with kids is much easier

Any parent who has tried to take their kids abroad will know the challenges associated with doing so.

From the flight to the hot weather, travelling far with young children doesn’t always result in much of a holiday.

If the only method of transport you need to worry about is your own car, and the kids are accustomed to the weather and culture, you have lots of holidaying concerns removed from your shoulders, and that will make a huge difference.

10. You’re never far from home

In an ideal world, you should be able to enjoy your annual holiday without worrying about your home, but things do go wrong.

Chances are, nothing bad will happen at home when you’re not there, but if anything does go wrong at home while you’re on holiday in the UK, you’re never far from your front door, which means you can head back without too much trouble – and possibly go back on holiday once you’ve fixed whatever it is that needs fixing!

Wrapping up

The UK remains one of the best holiday destinations for people across the world, but as a resident in this country, you’d be forgiven for neglecting it as an option for your own holiday.

However, as we’ve hopefully proved in this post, there are a whole host of reasons the UK might just be the perfect destination for your next holiday.

The takeaway today is pleasingly simple, too. If you’re after a proper break, where you can put work to the back of your mind, spend quality time with the whole family and gain some much needed R&R, the UK really is hard to beat.

So, before you head immediately for those far-flung options, take some time to check out the wonderful holiday spots this country has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.